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File Wise Nail File
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About the File Wise Nail File

"Don’t Poke Your Fingers & Toes"™

​Brand new, just launched! It's me, a girl with a really GOOD new idea and I'm putting it out there!

This is an exclusive beauty product; a unique item that is from a woman entrepreneur. I greatly appreciate your time and attention to my File Wise Nail Files. I am the designer, creator, shipper and I answer all emails and calls when you need me. It's just me...

The Original Comfort Nail File. The unique design and shape of this nail file fits comfortably within your fingers, with no sharp points and an easy grip file. Its small size combined with its unique shape enables filing of nails, both on your fingers and toes without poking or rubbing the toe or finger next to the one being filed. It’s also washable to help keep it sanitary. Compact design to take to your manicurist or anywhere you go.

The unique design and size allows you to grasp the file simultaneously at each end and comfortably file the nail without the possibility of poking or causing an abrasion from a longer style nail file due to rubbing of a file that hits a toe or finger next to one being filed. No more pulling or awkwardly pushing an adjacent finger or toe out of the way to file your nails. This is a safe and comfortable way to perform a manicure or pedicure. Our finger files fit your fingers comfortably; simply place your thumb at one end and any finger you choose in the other end.

  • Sanitary

  • Compact

  • Safe - *Kid-friendly for parents to file their children's nails (different grits available); won't poke their other finger or toe!*

  • Comfortable to hold and file your nails

  • Take to your own manicurist

  • Washable

  • Available in sponge board

  • Pet files coming soon...

  • Made in the USA

  • Orders shipped within three to five days after payment received.

Enjoy filing your nails in this new and easy way. Designed for comfort and a safe way to care for your nails.

I had been working on these files for quite some time and I'm even more amazed at how they work so beautifully! I knew they were a fantastic idea but I'm finding that the way the hand holds these and the ease of finding the comfortable feel and position is beyond what I had foreseen. The size and concave ends are comfortable to hold while filing. The size worked out to be perfect. I would like to have them in your hands so you can feel and see what I mean. They are sanitary, washable, less wasteful and fit into your car's cup holder!

The design, shape and size allows you to hold these files perfectly; they don't bend but since you are holding them securely you can file the intended spot.