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They fit, feel and go with the natural motion of the hand.
Designed and devloped by myself, a former Cosmetologist.

NEW! Designer Collection
Tiger and Leopard Print, Custom and
Original Art of Debra Alouise

Check out the Videos page;
we have Beauty and Lifestyle reviews.

"New Tool for Your Nail Care"
Fun Colors and Great Grits
All File Wise Made with Premium Paper

Welcome to File Wise Nail File:

A BIG Thank You(!) to all the readers of NAIL IT! Magazine, The Beauty Audience, NAILS Magazine, along with the wonderful Beauty & Style reviewers who have given their honest review and opinions on my unique ergonomic File Wise Nail Files.

Click on our Shop page to order and get them on their way to you today! See all the quality papers and designs available.

Wendy Bentley shares her love of File Wise Nail Files!

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Welcome! You're going to just love what I have here for you...a safe and wise nail file.

Don't poke your fingers and toes, file wisely using the File Wise Nail File.

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Blue and Light Blue Standard File Wise Nail Files
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Tropical Toucan File Wise Nail Files
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Original White Sponge Board File Wise Nail Files
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Original White and Orange and Blue Sponge Board File Wise Nail Files
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The File Wise Nail Files are fantastic for natural and artificial nails. You can choose the perfect file for your nails in assorted styles, grits and colors. The File Wise Nail Files are different than regular files because they're safer to use because you can't accidentally file a different finger or nail since they fit perfectly into two fingers. The other bonus to ordering these files is that you can order a variety pack of different grits for all of your different nail grit needs.